it weighs heavy in my head you know
the way i had to let you go
is letting go even the right word for it
for what i did
for what we never had
felt more real to me than anything
i get weak at times
and want it back
our neverwas

why have you sunk so deep into my heart
leaving your mark wherever i go
you are embedded in my flesh
i breathe you in while i sleep
as the days go by
as the months go by
there is still a part of me that belongs to you
unchangeable, unmovable
i'm left feeling weak

but does resistance make me strong?
or does it just leave me lonely
could we try
would we try
if you were here right now
if we had one moment
one chance to make things right
would it sputter and die
sometimes id like to think so
rather than realize i let my only happy ending slip through my fingers