cry, baby

too innocent to know better
too young to know it was wrong

you broke her before life ever gave her a chance
a young bloom cut too early, fallen dead on its stalk

how could you take something so precious, so young
and twist it with your perverse desires

the years went by in a quiet betrayal
intolerable agony hidden behind her sweet smile

the mind can play tricks
pushing the guilt and shame aside

until nothing is left but a deep chasm
try to fill it with hope, with desire, or with love

it's an endless charade
a desperate act of futility

shadows of memories haunt her
memories hidden so well

rising like some perverted phoenix
ripping deep tracks of shame across her heart

but on quiet moonless starry nights
and hot summer days filled with ice cream and blue skies

she forgets her pain and smiles
the smile of that unbroken child she once was