feels like the first time

my heavy lids slowly open
it feels like you are next to me

i want to open myself to you
to feel your skin your hands your need

i want to wrap myself around you
feel you moving within me

my body trembling i grasp at you
eager to feel you deeper within

your hand on the arch of my back
i am dripping with my desire

i want to fall to the floor
let you take me as you want

we move in fluid motion
i meet your every thrust

driving yourself so deep in me
until i lose all control

you watch what you have done to me
and put your hand upon my mouth

my knees go weak, i tremble and shake
licking and sucking your fingers

until you force yourself ever deeper into me
filling me, feeling my muscles expand and contract around you

i feel you throbbing deep within me
our sweet desire runs liquid between my thighs

bodies entangled, you collapse upon me
still inside me, our bodies come to rest